Installs In Your Pool Table In Less Than A Minute

Pool Table Hockey Game

Start The Super Fast Action On Your Pool Table In Just moments, Our  Non-Electric Low Friction Surface Lets You Play Hockey On Your Pool Table. 

Pool Table Hockey Is Here! If you are like millions of Americans. You already have a pool table that is ready for another fun filled game.

Everything You Need To Play Is Included in the Box. Sets Up In Minutes! 

Faqs About Our Game

We all have questions when making a purchase and were here to answer every single one about our glide hockey game. If you do not find information about your inquiry please feel free to write or call us. I’ve included the most frequently asked questions about our game, it’s use, how to measure, where to buy extra pucks and pushers.

Customer Provided Photo of Thier Modification! Glow in the Dark Glide Hockey.

Our Glide Hockey Products Fits Most Common Pool Tables

Our Glide Hockey Products Fits Most Common Pool Tables

6 Foot

6  Foot Pool Tables Size .

7 Foot

6 Foot Pool Tables Size Dimensions.

8 Foot

8  Foot Pool Tables Size Dimensions

Pushers / Sombreros

Need More Pushers? You can order them here.

Glide Hockey Pucks

Need Pucks You Can Order Here.

Need a Part?

Please email us of call us with a part your requirements

Our Games By PooL Table Size

Our Games are all made to fit snugly inside your pool table. Call us at 480-332-2118 if you need a custom size.

6' Game Details
  • Fits 36″ x 72″ Play surface
  • Non-Electric
  • Super Fast Play Surface
  • Sets Up In Seconds
  • Folds to 12″ x 36″ Rectangle when stored
7' Game Details
  • Fits 39″ x 78″ Play surface
  • Non-Electric
  • Super Fast Play Surface
  • Sets Up In Seconds
  • Folds to 13″ x 39″ Rectangle when stored
8' Game Details
  • Fits 44″ x 88″ Play surface
  • Non-Electric
  • Super Fast Play Surface
  • Sets Up In Seconds
  • Folds to 15″ x 44″ Rectangle when stored

FAQs About Pool Table Hockey

Q: How fast is the Glide Hockey game?
A: We say super fast, however the action is dependent on how fast you strike the puck. Once you pick up the rhythm of the game, you can keep the puck away from your opponent with speed alone.

Q: What Sizes of Pool Tables does the game fit?
A: We make Glide Hockey Pool Table Hockey inserts for all standard pool tables. 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft tables. Additionally we can make games for 8.5 ft Pro pool tables and 9 ft pool tables. Please email about the 8.5 ft and 9 ft pool tables.

Q: How does the game fit in the pool table?
A: The game fits under the rubber rail and is held securely by foam blocks. These foam blocks wedge into the triangle space beneath the top rail holding the game in place.  

Q: How long does the game take to set up?
A: You can set up the game in one minute. Simply unfold the three surfaces onto the pool table. Place the foam wedges under the rail, holding the game in place. Drop the puck and play. 

Q: How can I make the game go faster?
A: The game is already super fast, however for you need for speed fans out there here’s the information we’ve accumulated. The best options to increase the speed the puck based on our experience is as follows.

Removing a game from the pool table, liberally spray the textured surface with ArmorAll interior car protectant. If you had any experience with this liquid spray you will remember how slick it will make services. Our game surface has a textured surface minimizing friction adding the armor all will allow for a slicker surface for the puck to
ride over.

Another suggestion from a past customer is paste wax. Paste wax can generally be purchased at large home-improvement box stores. It is generally found in the paint department. If you do use paste wax, use very little. You will want to apply very small amounts as wax goes a long way over surfaces. You will want to use more than is needed. Allow the paste wax to dry at least 10 minutes or follow the instructions on the can. Once the paste wax is dry you will want to buff the surface.

Spray silicone; another great alternative for faster surface. Spray silicone like paste wax can be purchased in large boxstores specializing in home-improvement. You either find it in the painting section or in the garage door section. Spray silicone is a fast and quick easy way to apply slick surface. However in our experience it does not last as long as armor all.

Shuffleboard wax; a water-based wax which can be purchased at game room stores and sometimes at stores such as Walmart. Shuffleboard wax is a water-based wax and is easy to apply and if given a choice probably my best choice if I’m going to use wax surface. I say this only as it’s easier to maintain a very thin surface of wax. As you might guess you
squirt it on the play surface and buff
it in.

Q: Do you have any other Pool Table Games Available?
A: Yes we will have a Pool Table Shuffle board ready to release in Spring of 2019. Additionally as a Pool Table manufacture we making dining tops for pool tables too.  Email or write if you are interested in our products. 

Q: How To Score?
A: Glide hockey is easy to play and easy to score once you learn the game. Slapshots to the side, when angled correctly, will set you up for a perfect score shot. When you score the puck will be held in by friction and stuck in the goal. Your opponent will have to push down with their thumb and push the puck out. You won’t have to worry about he said she said if the score was made.

Q: How to measure for correct fit?
A: Our game fits within the inner play surface of your pool table. You will want to measure from the edge of the rubber to the opposite side of the table edge of rubber. The edge of the rubber is defined as the point where the ball touches and bounces off the rubber rail. Don’t Assume your table size. 100% of all game returns are exchanges for incorrect size orders.

Q: What is Included in the Game Box?
A: Our Glide Hockey insert comes in three sections and is foldable. It lays out on your pool table in just seconds and is secured by small foam blocks to the inside of your pool table. Your game will come with two pushers and three pucks, and the foldable surface.

Q: What sizes pool table will the game fit into?

A: Our glide hockey game comes in three sizes and will fit 90% of the pool tables in US homes. The following information will allow you to order the correct game for your pool table. See the next question below for more how to ordering information.

  • Six-foot pool table; a six-foot pool table will have an inner play surface dimension of 36″ x 72″.
  • 7-foot pool table; a 7-foot pool table will have an inner play surface dimension of 39″ x 78″.
  • Eight-foot pool table; an eight-foot pool table will have the inner play surface dimensions of 44″ x 88″.
  • We offer 9′ Games as special orders. Table size is 100″ x 50″

Q: How do I know how to order the correct size?
A: Thankfully pool table’s are for the most part standard in their sizes. We make games for six-foot, 7 foot, and eight-foot pool tables and 9 foot games. Here is how to order the correct size. Using a tape measure which is at least 8 feet or longer. Measure from the edge or the ball bounces off the rubber, to the opposite side. You will have two measurements to make, the side to side rail measurement and the head rail to head rail measurement.

6′ Tables; side rail to side rail six-foot pool table is 36 inches, head rail to head rail dimensions for the six-foot pool table is 72 inches.

7′ Tables; side rail to side rail 7 foot pool table is 39 inches, head rail to head rail dimensions for the 7 foot pool table is 78 inches.

8′ Tables; side rail to side rail eight-foot pool table is 44 inches, head rail to head rail dimensions for the eight-foot pool table is 88 inches.

Custom table sizes; the following pool tables are considered custom please let us know in advance if you need to order a custom size.

Pro eight-foot pool table side rail to side real dimensions is 46 inches, pro-head rail to head rail dimensions is 92 inches.

9 foot pool table dimensions are as follows, side rail to side rail is 50 inches, head rail to head rail dimensions are 100 inches.(This particular table and sizes larger are an additional money. Please email us if this is the size that you will need. We will make you a custom invoice for your pool table size. )

Q: Our Size Appears To Be Different from standard Sizes, What Are Our Options?
A: As we make our own pool tables and glide hockey tables we understand your table may not be a perfect fit for our game. Thankfully were small business that makes our own surfaces and can make a custom pool tabletop at no additional cost, however there is generally a week delay in shipping out the custom top. Table tops larger than eight-foot have an additional charge added to the play surface. Please check our shopping cart or email us with any questions or specifications you would like to match.


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