Why are you seeing this? My Family is from Ukraine. Kharkiv to be specific. As many of you know Ukraine is under siege by the Russian Federation led by Vladimir Putin. I cannot tell you how helpless a person can feel to see your family on video chat and to hear the rockets exploding around them. It is devastatingly heartbreaking. You can feel so helpless.  What words can you say to another person you love when they are in such great peril. Frankly it is the worst.
But I, and we as a nation, can move forward on one very important front and that is crucially important now and to the future of the Ukrainian People. To support them by giving.
I am including this link


to a page which goes a list of various donation links. Please consider helping.
On this link page you can help any number of Charites that do not supply lethal weaponry.
Thank you, for taking the time to read this.
Scott Krecklow